Playing Dangerous Games with Lives



Mr. Pfeiffer does not appear to have received medical degree credentials from Germany, the country he claims to have completed medical School (6 years) in Germany at the same time that he was a full time (6 years) full time PhD Students (total of 12 years, not 6 years).

Mr. Pfeiffer  claims to have an MD/PhD in 1998 from Charite - Humboldt University Neurology Department  and Medical School, but the Director confirmed that the MD/PhD did not exist until 2002; four years after he claims to have graduated with an MD/PhD.  Free education at public universities in Germany  only allowed for registration for one degree of study at a time. Only once the first degree  (example PhD in Neurophysiology) is completed after 6 years, can a person register for the second degree  (example medical doctor) that takes 6 years (The USA has 4 years of undergraduate and 4 year medical school).

Michael Herbert Pfeiffer has ONLY completed a research degree (PhD) in Neurophysiology with a concentration on Human Experimental Drug Researcher (6 years) in 1999. He is a Scientist and Researcher. He is not a physician.

Currently, he is working as a "physician" for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs,
Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Hospital in the War and other Related Injuries - Neurology Department. He is a human experimental drug researcher passing as a "physician." Michael H. Pfeiffer's self reported Virginia Medical Board licensing profile, he states truthfully that his specialty is "Neurophysiology."
His Virginia License is to expire on 29 February 2012. Will they renew the medical license for a Con Fake "Physician" who is human (Guinea pig) experimental drug researcher (playing dangerous games with peoples lives? 



WASHINGTON, DC Medical Licensing Application  Failed - 2007

The Washington DC Medical Board for medical licensing that show Mr. Pfeiffer was not awarded a license in Washington DC because he failed to provide acceptable medical school and medical experience documentation so he was not given a DC medical License. Yet, he worked illegally as a "physician" in Neurology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

The DC Board of Medicine documents that Michael H Pfeiffer practiced "medicine" without a medical License after he failed to provide included medical school transcripts for his alleged German medical school training and subsequent licensing in Germany. This prevented him from obtaining a medical license in Washington DC after he applied in June 2007 and he then withdrew the application in 2008 when he became the subject of complaints before the DC Medical Board.

Before he withdrew his application from the DC Board of Medicine, Mr. Pfeiffer applied to the Virginia Medical Board.  A Virginia medical licensing board investigator said he was led to believe Mr. Pfeiffer had received a license to practice medicine in Washington, DC.

Virginia Medical Licensing Board granted a medical license believing that Mr. Pfeiffer had the first license from Washington, DC Medical Board, which would have done "due diligence" to confirm that he was registered and completed a medical education in Germany.

The Virginia Medical License was used by the Veterans Hospital system to allow him to practice in the Veterans Hospital system to date.



Florida Medical Licensing Failed Application (2007)

Signed contract for $600,000 Neurology Job in Florida (March 2007)

Accepted a Neurology Private Practice for  Englewood Community Hospital in Englewood, Florida with signed over $600,000 total benefits contract.  Failed to give proof of MD degree and transcripts and fingerprints. Gave up job, walked away and went back to Georgetown University Medical Center at a Neurology “Fellow” on a $55, 000 salary. After signing a contract to buy a house for $385,000 in Englewood, Florida, with only weeks before final closing, he cancelled the contract. Why?

Signed Contract for $385,000 House bought in Englewood, Florida (April 2007).

Mr. Pfeiffer gave up and walked away $600,000 package at Englewood, Florida for one year for only $55,000 a year as a Neurology Fellow at Georgetown University Medical Center because HE WAS ASKED TO HAVE THE GERMAN MEDICAL SCHOOL SEND TRANSCRIPTS AND PROOF THAT HE GRADUATED FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL.

Michael H. Pfeiffer failed to disclose to the DC Medical Board (2007) and the Virginia Medical Board (2008) that he applied for and had abandoned  an application for a Florida Medical License because he could not satisfy the requests for documents that included a medical transcripts and did not want to give finger prints. Instead,  

Mr. Pfeiffer chose to give up a $600,000 total package for the year for a $56,000 "neurology fellowship" at Georgetown University Medical Center form 2007-2008 because he knew he could hide out there and
illegally practice medicine without a license.  



Thus they did not investigate the medical qualifications, including medical school transcripts, medical school graduation for themselves. When a physician has the 1st medical license, then
they believe that there is no need for due diligence.

Mr. Pfeiffer did not have a first medical license from DC.
So, the Virginia Medical Board gave, what they thought was a 2nd medical license, as the
1st would have been in Washington, DC. The Washington, DC License application was still pending as of October 2008 because he still have not provided medical school transcripts to the DC medical Board.
Yet, the Virginia License is the first and only license that Mr. Pfeiffer is using now with a national Provider Number.

Mr. Pfeiffer is using a Virginia Medical License, when he does not have a Washington, DC medical 
license, even though he was in the Neurology Residency program and Fellowship for a total of four year. 

Now Mr. Pfeiffer is working as a fake physician in Washington, DC ( with a Virginia License) at the United States Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Hospital at the Neurology Department, a the "Former War and Related Injuries Center."

Michael Herbert Pfeiffer is a human experimental drug researcher / scientist who is pretending to be a physician. He is a fake physician, playing dangerous games with people's lives. Now playing dangerous games with USA Veterans lives.



Mr. Pfeiffer in his CV had claimed to US authorities that he had a “partial” and a “full” medical license in September 2000 from the State Office for Health and Social Affairs ("Landesgesundheitsamt für Gesundheit und Soziales"), in Berlin, Germany (www.berlin.de/lageso/).

The State Office for Health and Social Affairs "Landesgesundheitsamt für Gesundheit und Soziales" in Berlin indicates that Mr. Pfeiffer has never went to medical school and never received a medical license in Germany. Thus, he did not receive a medical license in Germany to allow him to call himself a

The Washington, DC Medical Board did not give Mr. Pfeiffer a medical license since 2007, as they he did not have important documents to show that he attended and graduated from medical school.

The DC medical Board, found that Mr. Pfeiffer was illegally practicing medicine from 2007-2008  without a medical license at Georgetown University Medical Center. The DC medical license application was withdrawn by Mr. Pfeiffer, in November 2009 after the complaint about him practicing medicine without a license in Washington, DC at Georgetown University Medical Center.

 infopoint@lageso.berlin.deLandesgesundheitsamt für Gesundheit und Soziales.”

His CV also indicates that during that time he had received graduate student research science grants for his PhD research (6 years). Yet, during that very busy time, Mr. Pfeiffer claims to have taken a full time of Medical Degree courses (6 years).

Overall evidence indicates that Mr. Pfeiffer claims but had not actually receive MD/PhD degrees in 1998 from Charite, but appears to have received  in 1999 ONLY a PhD in Physiology - Neurophysiology Research.
Now he has turned a PhD (1999)  into a MD/PHD (1999) and now only an MD (2012).

Self-made “Medical School Transcript” from Charite Humboldt University, Berlin
given to DC Board of Medicine in 2009 

 Mr. Pfeiffer gave a self-made "medical school transcript” to the DC Board of Medicine almost two years after they had formally requested it. in June 2007.

Almost two years after his failed 2007 application for medical licenses in Washington DC and medical license in Florida.

Several obvious problems call this “medical school transcript” into question, including, but not limited to:

a) it is not a verified translation of a German document,

b) it does not indicate he actually received a medical degree,

c) the normal format elements found in any German document (e.g., full name, birthday, place of birth, and the signature being the last item in the document) are not present,

d) mistakes exist in the dates (e.g. showing a date of 2008 for completion of essential studies),

(e) its anomalous use of US terminology. E.g., “DOB,” that is no used in German official documents, and

f) different sized and styled fonts used in different parts of same document strongly suggesting it was “cut and pasted” onto letterhead of the school 

Claims MD/PhD in Neurology 1998, but no program until   2002

Mr. Pfeiffer’s CV claims to have received an MD/PhD in 1998 at Charite, Humboldt University in Berlin could not be accurate. According to the Director of the Neurology Program at Charite, there was no MD/PhD program prior to 2002


Semmelweis University Medical School Budapest, Hungary
September 1991- to April 1992 (2 yearss)

Mr. Pfeiffer attended Semmelweis University Medical School in Budapest, Hungary.  for two of the 6 year program catered to students from Germany who did not get into a German Medical School. All courses were taught in German.

Official communications from the Semmelweis University Medical School, in Budapest, Hungary confirms that Mr. Pfeiffer was enrolled at Semmelweis University medical School  from September 1991 to April 1992 which is the exact same time that Mr. Pfeiffer claimed to be in medical school at Humboldt University - Charite in Berlin Germany. Mr. Pfeiffer left Semmelweis University Medical School in April 1992 as a result of “lack of progress.” 

As you can see from his application to the Washington, DC Medical Licensing Board and his CV he presented to the US Medical Community, he failed to disclose his aborted enrollment at Semmelweis University Medical School. There is also no mention of his attendance at Semmelweis University in Hungary on his “medical school transcript from Humbouldt University at Charite.

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